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Volume 21 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2018
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Alumni Weekend 2018

Karen Connolly Miller ’63, Marilyn Johnson Miller ’58, Fred Miller ’58, Dean Miller ’58, Eric Lindstrom ’58, Nancy Lindstrom.
Mrs. Sherri Litfinhon, Trustee Jeanette Hsieh M.A. ’66, Alumni Association Board President Renae Schauer Smith ’91, Provost Margaret DuPlissis Diddams ‘83, Cindra Stackhouse Taetzsch ’82, Marilee Melvin ’72.
Liz Nyberg, Paul Nyberg ’58, Jim McLennan ’58.
Members of Wheaton’s only undefeated women’s basketball team: Trilby Bloom Salmon ’68, Carol “Q” McEwing Harding ’68, Sue Vogt ’68, Bea Gorton ’68, Sharon De Fraites Clark ’68, Joan Chamberlain ’68.
Janet Newlin Burgess ’73.
Dr. Jamie Aten, founder and executive director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, speaks to alumni about sharing Christ in times of crisis.
Marshall Carpenter ’68, Wayne Lowe ’68, George Korver ’68, Kay Tafini Rosell ’68, Judy Bouchillon Davids ’67, Peter Davids ’68, Pat Gamble Utigard ’68, Doug Utigard ’68, Nancy Crawford Lowe ’69, Beth Vroon, Bob Vroon ’68.
Bob Dresdow ’63 wearing his senior jacket.
President Philip Ryken ’88; Alumnus of the Year for Distinguished Service to Society Dr. H. Wilbert Norton, Jr. ’63; Alumni Association Board President Renae Schauer Smith ’91.
Alumni Weekend 2018: Reunions