Wheaton magazine

Volume 21 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2018

Reflecting the Diversity of God’s Kingdom: Deepening Ethnic Diversity

read reflections from students who have received a diversity-focused scholarship, plus comments from an administrator and a staff member about ethnic diversity at Wheaton. 

The College continues to incorporate into classroom and curriculum topics that engage students with a biblical understanding of diversity. Growing relationships between Wheaton's admissions office and communities of color are encouraging students of color to make Wheaton College a school of choice, and increasing full and partial diversity-focused scholarships is helping make that choice more appealing to these excellent students. Wheaton also continues to increase the presence of underrepresented communities of color on campus—in the student body, in faculty, and in administrative roles.

Photo by Gabi Satola


“I am eager to work with faculty, students, and staff to augment diversity and inclusion. The return on diversity and inclusion is greater productivity, engagement, adaptability, and innovation. Deepening ethnic diversity will enable Wheaton to transform and become even more remarkable, relevant, and reachable."

Sammie Shields ’20, Economics and INTEGRATIVE PHILOSOPHY Double Major and a Don and Ann Church Room and Board Scholarship Endowment Recipient from Chicago, Illinois

"Attending Wheaton has helped me further understand the narratives being told about Chicago, and my North Lawndale neighborhood. The media highlights any violence while omitting the history of systemic oppression and overall marginalization of these communities. Being an agent of change requires a rewriting of that narrative. I have been encouraged to seek this restorative justice in my neighborhood of North Lawndale."

Kimberly Martinez ’21, a Jaffarian-Chavez/Nieves Room and Board Scholarship recipient from Elmhurst, Illinois

“Being a first-generation student attending college is a privilege and the fulfillment of many dreams.”

Photo by Tony Hughes

Rodney Sisco ’84, Director, Office of Multicultural Development

“The Office of Multicultural Development strives to create a Christocentric home for those who are culturally diverse as well as a safe space for individuals to wrestle with the challenges of cultural diversity and inclusion.”

"Racial reconciliation is an ongoing work of the Holy Spirit that requires patience, sacrifice, and persistence. So we continue to work hard to make Wheaton feel like home for students of every ethnicity."
Dr. Philip G. Ryken '88, president

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