Wheaton magazine

Volume 21 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2018

Thank You

Dear Friends,

As I look back at our recently concluded five-year From the Heart, For the Kingdom capital campaign, I find myself at an uncharacteristic loss for words in expressing my gratitude to all of you. Though “thank you” seems inadequate for all of the prayers, encouraging words, and dollars you have contributed to this vital campaign, “Thank You!”—from the bottom of my heart—will just have to do. 

Dr. Kirk D. Farney, M.A. '98, Vice President for Advancement, Vocation, and Alumni Engagement

When we established the scope of this campaign, setting our overall goal at $175 million, some observers thought our dreams were too big. Over the course of the campaign, however, and especially as we surpassed that target in the final weeks of From the Heart, For the Kingdom, it became clear that our gracious God and our generous supporters thought otherwise. As the following pages will attest, you have converted big dreams into exciting realities that have already blessed our current students and will benefit generations of students yet to come.

In the midst of the campaign, I recall overhearing two of our devoted benefactors discussing their philanthropic endeavors. One of them said, “Giving away money is a lot harder than many people think.” His fellow conversationalist agreed. They went on to discuss the seriousness with which they took the task of being faithful stewards of the blessings God had given them, and how important it was to be thoughtful in investing in Kingdom work. I was reminded of the words of the industrial magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who reached a point in his life when he “resolved to stop accumulating,” and began what he called “the infinitely more serious and difficult task” of “wise distribution.”[1]

We know that Wheaton people are serious about the “wise distribution” of their blessings. Whether you are at a point in your life when you are just trying to make ends meet or you are at a point when you have chosen to “stop accumulating”; whether you have much to give to many causes or your philanthropic efforts are at a more modest level in amounts and recipients; whether you are trying to discern your calling in life or are contemplating the legacy you wish to leave behind—we celebrate the importance so many of you place on generosity.  We are humbled that so many of you have channeled that generosity “From the Heart, for the Kingdom,” for the benefit of Wheaton and its mission.

Be assured that your support has blessed every student on this remarkable campus. Be assured that your support is never taken for granted.


Dr. Kirk D. Farney M.A. '98
Vice President for Advancement, Vocation, and Alumni Engagement

[1] Olivier Zunz, Philanthropy in America: A History (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2012), p.1.