Wheaton magazine

Volume 21 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2018

Liberal Arts Excellence: Christ at the Core

Maddie Cash '21, English Literature Major from Fairhope, Alabama

"Christ at the Core allowed me to begin my education engaging with the foundational beliefs and controversies of our Christian faith. It allowed me to participate in academic and spiritually rigorous disciplines that furthered my own personal walk with God."

Professor of Geology Jeffrey Greenberg

“I am enthralled by how Christ at the Core allows me to reach into the hearts and minds of students in fresh and wonderful ways and how it challenges us all to be agents of reconciliation.”

Sarah Yoon ’20, Communication (Rhetoric and Culture) Major from Plainsboro, New Jersey

“I am thankful that by exploring how statistics intersects with sociology or how theology nuances contemporary English literature, Christ at the Core helps me see God working through different disciplines and vocations.”


“It was exciting to see students in my First-Year Seminar begin to see failure as an opportunity to learn and to understand the value of their uniqueness as it relates to the body of Christ.”

Alyssa Miller '21, Business/Economics and Anthropology Double Major from Oviedo, Florida

"What I love about Christ at the Core is that it embodies the identity of a Christian liberal arts education. The fact that Wheaton is liberal arts was a huge factor in my decision to attend because I wanted to make sure that I was getting a broad understanding of the world that we live in and the things that impact us. Christ at the Core does just that. You get to explore so many different fields of study and interests while receiving necessary credit."

Christ at the Core
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Christ at the Core invites students into a liberal arts pilgrimage—a four-year journey of pursuing God’s truth across all the disciplines and an awakening curiosity about life’s biggest questions.”
Sarah Miglio M.A. ’04, dean of curriculum and advising and assistant professor of history