Wheaton magazine

Volume 21 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2018

Preparing Students for Life Beyond Wheaton: Center for Vocation and Career

David Bakalemwa ’18, Applied Mathematics Major from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

“By working closely with CVC Director Dee Pierce M.A. ’17 as well as receiving some key advice from alumni, I was able to land an internship with U.S. Bank over the summer. After this experience, U.S. Bank extended me a job offer.” 

Sarah Denne ’18, Applied Mathematics Integrated with Philosophy Major from Zionsville, Indiana

“Through conversations with my career coach, I was able to better discern my skills and passions, leading me to apply and be admitted to the University of Chicago for a master’s degree in religion with a concentration in ethics.” 

Photo by Alexa Adams

Ozias Washington, Career Coach for Christian Education, Education, Sociology, Anthropology, Biblical and Theological Studies, and Urban Studies

“Embedded coaches are able to help students bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace in real time and remain available for spontaneous conversation with professors that share insight on how to best help students navigate their vocational and career paths.”


"This past fall, when I began pursuing a highly selective internship with Southwest Airlines, I knew I needed to update my resume, but I was not sure where to begin. I worked with a CVC coach to revitalize and organize my resume to highlight key experiences. The application process also required an essay and my CVC coach again assisted me, providing valuable, unique resources. The CVC helped me land the internship this summer."


“Both the CVC and my professors played a crucial role in my professional development. All the skills I learned from the CVC paired with the encouragement to persevere that I received from my professors helped me land a great professional job. I am incredibly grateful for their impact on my life and know that everything I’ve learned at Wheaton will become a valuable asset in my future endeavors.”

Photo by Alexa Adams

Ethan Jones M.A. ’17, Career Coach for the Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Communication

“Being an embedded career coach has opened up mutual learning channels with faculty about how to best advise students vocationally. Not only have I deepened my understanding of each major’s needs, but faculty have also become greater advocates for my role, encouraging students to engage with me earlier and more often.”

Hannah Japp '18, Economics Major from Blair, Nebraska

“My internship, which I found through the CVC, provided opportunities to gain valuable work experience in multiple sectors and to understand how they function both individually and collaboratively to reach the company's overall goals.”