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Volume 20 // Issue 2
Wheaton magazine // Spring 2017
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photo by greg halvorsen schreck

Faculty Profile: Dr. Becky Eggimann '00

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DR. BECKY EGGIMANN ’00 likens her understanding of nature to that of a mechanic with cars. Most people don’t know what is going on “under the hood” of nature, but as a chemist, Dr. Eggimann knows the molecular processes behind how crops grow, a warm and sunny day, or—as she researches in particular—the mysterious transition between liquid and vapor.

A “glimpse of what God has done in the world that very few people get to see” is what Dr. Eggimann hopes her students receive as payoff for the daunting work of learning collegiate chemistry. Though chemistry may serve as a stepping stone or prerequisite to other goals, there is an intrinsic value and meaning to the subject. 

Dr. Eggimann also hopes Wheaton does for her students what it did for her as a student: change their perspectives on life and vocation.

“For the first time I saw how I could bring all of myself into the kingdom of God,” Dr. Eggimann says. “Faith wasn’t just a Sunday thing—it could capture all of me.” 

Her Wheaton education drove home God’s lordship over all of life. 

“It made God so big.”

NAME: Dr. Becky Eggimann ’00 

HOMETOWN: Jackson, MN 

TITLE: Associate Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair 

DEPARTMENT: Chemistry 

YEARS: 10 

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Minnesota; B.S. in Chemistry, Wheaton College (IL) 

FUN FACT: In graduate school, Dr. Eggimann taught herself to write computer code and design websites.