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Volume 20 // Issue 2
Wheaton magazine // Spring 2017
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Overheard in the Classroom

Dr. Vincent Bacote, associate professor of theology
photo by Mike Hudson '89

“Compare and despair. Don’t go there.” 

DR. PETER WALTERS, professor of applied health science: Wellness

“The Enlightenment doesn’t say God doesn’t exist—it just says you can’t prove it.” 

DR. VINCENT BACOTE, associate professor of theology: Political Theology

“Do we see God as a vindictive judge or as caring, loving, and working through the events that are occurring?”

DR. CHRISTINE COLÓN, associate professor of English: Wade Authors: Dorothy Sayers

“What’s the general characteristic of development? Adaptation. Adaptation is characteristically positive.”

DR. SALLY SCHWER CANNING, professor of psychology: Developmental Psychopathology

“One spiritual discipline is practicing silence. There are many reasons to be silent. One of those reasons is to show up, to be present. Another is to quiet inner, mental chatter.”

DR. JIM WILHOIT, professor of Core Studies and Scripture Press Chair of Christian Formation and Ministry: Christ at the Core First-Year Seminar: Spiritual Disciplines

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