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Volume 20 // Issue 2
Wheaton magazine // Spring 2017
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A Word With Alumni

A Word With Alumni

Paul Klobucher '96, president of the Wheaton College Alumni Association

FATIGUE. This isn’t a word I thought much about when I was a student at Wheaton, and I’m guessing most of you didn’t either. It seems like we had an unlimited amount of energy to study, compete, and hang out into the early morning hours, then get up and do it again. My days of running around campus making friends with Public Safety at 2 a.m. have been over for some time now! 

There are many types of fatigue, but one I’m guessing you’ve experienced without realizing it is donor fatigue. Regardless of the amount we give, we can grow weary of being asked for money year after year. 

This fatigue can be caused by a lot of different factors: changes in how you are asked to give, something the organization did that you didn’t agree with, or maybe questioning the need for raising funds in the first place. I would almost guarantee that you’ve experienced one of these things in your local church, and yet I assume you’ve continued to give. I also have a hunch you either have questioned or are currently wondering why you should continue to give to Wheaton. 

How do you rekindle your desire to give to Wheaton if you’re not feeling like giving right now? In this case the answer is easy, and will work every time: find a way to spend some time with one or two Wheaton students. These students’ passion for Christ, desire to change the world, and excitement about their Wheaton experience will remind you of why you went there in the first place and refocus you on the reason Wheaton exists: to prepare amazing women and men to impact the world “For Christ and His Kingdom.” 

My term as Alumni Association Board President ends this June. It has been a great honor serving all of you and before I leave this position, I am going to ask a huge favor. If your desire to support Wheaton is waning, rekindle it. The students at Wheaton need our support, and the initiatives of the current campaign must be accomplished. 

So, here’s an action step: reach out to Wheaton’s Director of Development Kevin Engel ’84 (kevin.engel@wheaton.edu) or to the Alumni Office (alumni@wheaton.edu). Ask for their help connecting with Wheaton students so you can get to a place where you are excited to support the College in as many ways as possible. It may be one of the most rewarding things you do this year!

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