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Volume 23, Issue 2
Wheaton magazine // Spring 2020
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Photo by Josh and Alexa Adams

Wade Center Hansen Lectureship by Dr. Matthew Milliner ’98

Dr. Matthew Milliner ’98, associate professor of art history, lectured for the 2019-20 Hansen Lectureship Series entitled “Turtle Island Renaissance.” The lectures, given in October and February, used insights from G. K. Chesterton as a guide to understanding the broad sweep of Native American art, particularly in the Midwest.

“To extend Chesterton’s vision to Native American culture is not a quirky or exotic connection…It is a connection he expressly stated he wished he had time to make,” Milliner said in his second lecture.

Each of the lectures focused on a Chesterton work: The Everlasting Man, Resurrection of Rome, and his little-known volume of poems entitled The Queen of Seven Swords. The lecture series drew broad interest and provoked conversation, including a professor respondent at each session hosted at the Marion E. Wade Center.

Hear the lectures at The Wade center.