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Volume 20 // Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2017
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Welcome, New Faculty

Photo by Mike Hudson '89

ROW 1 (L TO R): Dr. Esther Liu, Communication; Ms. Sarah Stanley, Library Science; Dr. Mimi Larson, Christian Formation and Ministry; Dr. Julianne Sandberg, English; Ms. Diana Soerens, French; Dr. John McConnell, Psychology; Dr. Aimee Callender, Psychology; Dr. Lisa Sandlund, Psychology; Dr. Noel Stringham, History; Ms. Cherith Lundin, Art; Dr. Jordan Ryan, Biblical and Theological Studies; Dr. Carlos Sosa Siliezar, Biblical and Theological Studies. ROW 2: Ms. Stephanie Gates, Spanish; Dr. Wenyang Zhai, Mandarin; Dr. O. Michael Bubu, Applied Health Science; Dr. Hyunju Kim, Computer Science; LTC Steven Kurczak, Military Science/ROTC; Dr. Devin Pohly, Computer Science; Dr. David Hsu, Engineering/Physics; Dr. Thomas Hueber, Music; Mr. Sean Young, Urban Studies; Dr. Bellah N. Kiteki, Psychology; Dr. Timothy Taylor, History; Mr. Dan Haase, Christian Formation and Ministry; Dr. Ed Stetzer, BGCE/Evangelism & Leadership; Mr. Samuel Smidt, Geology & Environmental Science; Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R. (Rodas), Biblical and Theological Studies. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Leo Altino, Music; Dr. Margaret DuPlissis Diddams ’83, Psychology; Dr. Susan Dunn-Hensley, English; Dr. James Huff, Anthropology/HNGR; Dr. Jessica Hughes, English; Dr. Stanton Jones, Psychology and Core Studies; SFC Aaron Olson, Military Science/ROTC; Ms. Leah Samuelson, Art; Dr. Rebecca Sietman, Communication/Forensics; Dr. Joy K. C. Tong, Sociology and Anthropology; Dr. W. Andrew Tooley, Christian Thought; Mr. Andy Mangin, Communication/Theater; Dr. Vitaliy Voytenko, Psychology.

Dr. Jamie Aten Awarded Community Preparedness Champions Award by FEMA