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Volume 20 // Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2017
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photo by greg halvorsen schreck

Undergraduate Student Profile: Morgan Jacob '17

Morgan Jacob '17 wasn’t planning on attending a Christian college. She is a natural leader who loves new challenges, and when it came to applying to college, she remembers thinking, “I’ve had 14 years of Christian education,” and assumed she had received all it had to offer. 


Wheaton students have numerous opportunities to study abroad during their undergraduate years.

“My mistake was God’s great plan,” she now admits with a smile. 

Morgan’s love of her fellow students and hunger for new challenges have been two themes throughout her college experience. She cultivated these qualities through activities like cheerleading and serving in Student Government, first as executive vice president of college life, and last year as student body vice president. 

“Being vice president challenged me and caused me to quickly develop very strong relationships with my team and with the Board,” Morgan says. 

Her most recent adventure? Studying abroad in Tokyo during fall semester 2016. 

“I’ve never studied Asian languages or culture, and I wanted a new adventure,” she says. 

Morgan has worked for two summers as a logistics management intern for the U.S. Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center, and hopes to bring her international relations experience to the business world after graduation.

NAME: Morgan Alexandria Jacob '17 

MAJOR: International Relations

HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Student Government, cheerleading, Globus (society for the study of international business)

FUN FACT: Morgan is a "huge coffee fan" and knows how to prepare it in over 100 ways.

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