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Volume 20 // Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2017
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Intergenerational Friendships

photo by jim whitmer '69

When Beth Phillips ’13 was deciding which university to attend, the testament of her mother, Lee Eakle Phillips ’77, to the lifelong friendships she made while she was a student at Wheaton College tipped the scales in Wheaton’s favor. 

“I wanted to build relationships that would push me closer to the Lord during my college experience, and I saw the rich marks that Wheaton left on my mom’s life,” Beth says. 

A resident of the Kilby House during her senior year, Beth maintains daily communication with the women with whom she lived. These very friendships are what Lee wanted for Beth all along. As a member of the Alumni Board, Lee wants all alumni not only to have fond memories of their Wheaton experience, but to remain connected to the College. She recommends attending Wheaton events as one of the best ways to maintain connections, citing an All-School Communion service in Edman Chapel that she attended with Beth this year as a compelling memory. 

“It was so energizing to see the future of the church sitting in those chapel seats,” says Lee. “When you stay connected to the College, you get excited about what’s going on there and you want to pray about it and give.” 

In addition to relational richness, both Beth and Lee have experienced vocational success after Wheaton. Beth, who majored in interpersonal communication, now works for McDonald’s Corporation on their Global Digital Team. Her mother, Lee, has served as a social worker for Alliance Clinical Associates since 1989. 

“The interwoven experiences and relationships from my mom’s and my experience at Wheaton have made our collective experience so enriching,” says Beth.

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