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Volume 19 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2016
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Illustration by Vincent Gagnon

Ashkelon and Beyond

Wheaton caught my eye when I visited the College’s website for the first time in 2012. A deciding factor in my choice to attend was its study abroad programs and opportunities to study geology and archaeology. 

Fast-forward to the end of my freshman year: after taking two geology courses, I declared a geology major. I also joined Wheaton’s Excavation in Ashkelon trip, as I had always wanted to go to the Holy Land to see places that bring the Bible alive in unique ways. 

During summer 2014, I dug a Crusader-period tower in Ashkelon, traveled to the Old City of Jerusalem, hiked the Arbel Cliffs, and saw the Sea of Galilee. These experiences, combined with lessons from my geology classes, gave me the background necessary to work with the Levantine Ceramics Project, a collaborative geo-archaeology project with Boston University, starting in December 2014. 

My interests in archaeology have allowed me to travel the world and learn about the past and present. I’ve also been blessed by wonderful, caring geology professors who invest deeply in the lives of their students while highlighting the wonder and importance of God’s creation in class and in the field. These experiences will continue to shape my life for years to come.

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