Wheaton magazine

Volume 22 // Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2019
Alumni News
Alumni Weekend

Homecoming 2018

Kimberley Franklin Postma ’93, Andrea Scott ’93, Anna Parreno ’93, Molly Holst Ruch ’93.
Elaine Rau Amaya ’13, Ana Akin ’13, Chelsea Aldridge ’13, Amber Washington ’13.
Jessica Miser Fossum ’08 and David Michael Fossum ’07 with their children.
Cory Smith ’08, Roy Awabdeh ’08.
Current Marion E. Wade Center staff celebrating with alumna of the year Marj Mead. L-R: Dr. Crystal Downing, Shawn Mrakovich, Hope Grant, Dr. David Downing, Marjorie Lamp Mead ’74, M.A. ’06, Aaron Hill, Elaine Hooker, Mary Lynn Uitermarkt, and Laura Schmidt ’03.
Photo by Gabi Satola