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Volume 22 // Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2019
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Self Portrait
Associate Professor of Art Greg Halvorsen Schreck

Wheaton welcomed a series of exhibitions, film screenings, and music that explored how art is used to invite dialogue, bring unity, and work toward justice in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chicago.

Adams Hall featured Original Blessing —A Guatemalan Journey, an exhibition of photographs by Associate Professor of Art Greg Halvorsen Schreck.

Norte, 2017, a print featured in the Art of Protest/Art of Dreams exhibit.
Frederico Valdez

Another exhibit, Art of Protest /Art of Dreams: Contemporary Printmaking in Oaxaca and Chicago, celebrated Mexico’s long-standing tradition of using printmaking as a force for social and political engagement through the work of over 30 printmakers. Students participated in a print-making workshop from the Instituto Gráfico de Chicago and attended a presentation on Oaxaca’s social, political, and artistic contexts. Other events included the Mexican Film Festival, a series of films offering perspectives on the Mexican Revolution. The Artist Series welcomed Mariachi Herencia de México, an ensemble of students from Chicago’s immigrant barrios who celebrate their heritage with traditional instrumentation.

College Union brought other arts events to campus this fall, including a Rend Collective concert in November and a spoken word production of the gospel message by Poets in Autumn in September. 

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