Wheaton magazine

Volume 21 // Issue 2
Wheaton magazine // Spring 2018

Wheaton Students Experience Sustained and Meaningful Intercultural Engagement On Campus and Abroad

From Kenya to Estonia, students are coming to Wheaton from nations across the world. Programs at Wheaton seek to develop students’ intercultural competencies to foster active global citizenship and Christian witness. This development comes through study, but also through and Christian witness. This development comes through study, but also through sustained, meaningful engagement with members of other cultures on campus and abroad.

Here are four international students—who contribute to an environment of intercultural engagement—commenting on their own Wheaton experiences.

Yuri Bernales '19

Yuri Bernales ’19

B.A. in Communication-Media Studies, English Minor, HNGR Certificate

HOMETOWN: Davao City, Philippines

FUTURE PLANS: To promote community development and human rights in the Philippines

“Perhaps the most tangible growth I’ve encountered during my time at Wheaton is in my understanding of Jesus’ incarnation and its implication for ministry. Taking Christ’s incarnation seriously means recognizing his passionate heart, his vulnerability, and his woundedness, from which he served the wounded. Following Jesus means recognizing my own weakness and vulnerability, and from there, moving toward service with a humble, yet passionate, heart.”  

Simona Andreas '18

Simona Andreas ’18

B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies

HOMETOWN: Tallinn, Estonia

FUTURE PLANS: To serve in Estonia’s local government and as a pastor

“As Student Body Vice President, I enjoy giving back to the school that has changed and enriched my life by serving students who are either coming to Wheaton from abroad or going abroad to learn and serve. At Wheaton, I am learning the importance of pausing before acting, listening over proclaiming, and loving over judging. I also deeply value my Bible/Theology classes, which are transforming the way I follow Christ.”  

Robin Kelmen '20

Robin Kelmen ’20

B.A. in Computer Science, B.A. in Business/Economics

HOMETOWN: Nairobi, Kenya

FUTURE PLANS: To work in computer development

“The opportunity to study at Wheaton is a tangible depiction of God’s grace—a grace that is both superabundant and undeserved. I would not be able to study here without the financial aid generously given to me. Therefore, I give back by serving the ‘Third Culture Kid,’ ‘Missionary Kid,’ and international community, helping these students integrate with campus culture. It is gratifying to be able to help guide someone else through some of the same hurdles I once stumbled over.”  

Camila Moreno '19

Camila Moreno ’19

B.A. in Economics, B.A. in International Relations

HOMETOWN: Bogotá, Colombia

FUTURE PLANS: To promote social and economic development

“When I interned at Opportunity International, a microfinance organization empowering marginalized people to work their way out of poverty through financial services and training, I realized the immense privilege I have to be used by God to help change the lives of people around the world. No matter how small my part in his plan, God is equipping me to use the skills I have learned at Wheaton to effect meaningful change in the lives of others.”

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