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Volume 21 // Issue 2
Wheaton magazine // Spring 2018
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A Word With Alumni

A Word With Alumni

Cindra Stackhouse Taetzsch ’82
Senior Director for Vocation and Alumni Engagement Executive Director, Wheaton College Alumni Association
Mike Hudson '89

Remember the all-alumni survey we sent last spring? Trustees, faculty, administrators, the Alumni Board and Board of Visitors, staff, and students have heard what you said, and many departments on campus are using the results to strengthen their work. Thank you!

"How can we pray for you?"

As you can imagine, I looked very carefully at how you responded to this question: “What is the most meaningful thing Wheaton College can do for you in the next 5-10 years?” Most of your feedback fell into one of these categories:

Keep me informed; stay in touch:  I hope you feel we do a good job with this: Wheaton magazine, our website, and our social media are full of stories, news, and information; and our email open rates are double the industry average. (clearly, you care about what’s going on at Wheaton!)Stay the course; remain faithful; stand firm: As a parent of three Wheaton students and a fellow alumna, I, too, care deeply that the College is staying the course and remaining faithful.

Networking; connect with other alumni; provide opportunities/connections: There are significant opportunities for networking through Wheaton in Network (win.wheaton.edu), plus there are over 20,000 alumni on LinkedIn and the services of our Center for Vocation and Career are exploding.

Pray for me; continue to pray; pray for alumni: Many on campus pray regularly for our broader alumni body, but this response made me realize that we haven’t asked as often as we should: “How can we pray for you?” If you are comfortable sharing a specific prayer request, please send it to my attention at alumni@whea-ton.edu. The Alumni Association Board will want to pray for you and so will the Alumni Engagement team and others in our division. If you prefer not to share your prayer request widely, just mark it “confidential” and I will hold it close and respond personally.

You find more survey results in the following pages and on wheaton.edu/alumni. And thank you, again, for your honest feedback. We asked. You responded. And we are grateful!