Wheaton magazine

Volume 20 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2017

Loyal Wheaties: Little Things Mean a Lot

Little things mean a lot. That’s why Loyal Wheaties, the new Wheaton Fund giving society, exists. In contrast to the longstanding Wheaton Associates giving society, which requires an annual Wheaton Fund gift of at least $1,000, the Loyal Wheaties threshold is a mere $5 for two consecutive years.

Loyal Wheaties

For more information about Loyal Wheaties, visit their website.

The program, which welcomed inaugural members in the spring, emphasizes that no gift is too small, and that consistent giving can have a huge impact. It aims to express appreciation to regular givers to the Wheaton Fund and increase their numbers.

“Loyal Wheaties,” says Elise Bremer Tomlin ’09, M.A.T. ’15, director of Annual Giving, “recognizes faithful supporters for their faithfulness, regardless of what they’re able to give.” 

The inaugural Loyal Wheaties received a distinctive button depicting a mastodon, representing Stertorous “Tor” Thunder, adopted as Wheaton’s mascot in 2011. Each year members will receive a different pin with a new design.

Tomlin says the program, with the tagline “Orange and Blue, Through and Through,” is about more than giving. Members stay connected to Wheaton through various events and via social media, and spread Wheaton spirit to family and friends, employing the three Loyal Wheaties commitments: GIVE, ENGAGE, and SHARE. Little things … big impact.