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Volume 20 // Issue 3
Wheaton magazine // Autumn 2017
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Cookies for the Kingdom

Marge Dixon Logan '55

IT ALL STARTED with burnt cookies. Or rather, the fact that Margaret “Marge” Dixon Logan ’55 never burnt hers. 

“I wasn’t a fancy cook,” she says. 

It was her cookie sheet: a handmade wedding gift from her brother-in-law that was insulated with mineral wool. Margaret saw an opportunity, but had four children to raise. So she prayed on her plaid couch for 23 years until the first two were in college.

“I get weak when I think God protected that idea all those years for me,” she says.

With her brother-in-law’s blessing, her engineer husband, Eugene, improved the design to rely on air, and she marketed them. Through their CushionAire and AirBake products, Margaret introduced air-insulated bakeware to America.

“This was built on our knees,” says Margaret. “We were granted patents, then God opened the floodgates.”

Eventually Margaret, a “little girl from a wheat field in Kansas,” found herself in a New York City skyscraper presenting her products to a major chain.

“Through my anxiety, God said, ‘I am already in the office waiting for you,’” Margaret recalls. “A peace came over me that was beyond all understanding.” 

She got into every major department and gourmet store in America. REMA Bakeware was eventually sold to Newell Rubbermaid. Years later, Margaret and Eugene helped fund the launch of Wheaton’s doctoral program in psychology and funded two of its scholarships. Their other contribution was to the student body: sons Jim Logan ’87 and Steve Logan M.A. ’89. 

“Success is not laying cookie sheets at the feet of Jesus,” says Margaret. “Real success is being able to lay at the feet of Jesus all that he has entrusted to you.”