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Volume 23, Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2020
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Photo by Josh and Alexa Adams

Consistency and Community, Courtside

Anderson Park is mind-bogglingly good at tennis.

As a freshman, College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin (CCIW) named him 2018’s Newcomer of the Year. He finished 2019 with a singles record of 20-1—all at the number one position—securing him another CCIW title: Player of the Year.

“Anderson has a great backhand, a great return, and he rarely misses,” says Head Men’s Tennis Coach Brad Pihl ’99. “He’s a fierce competitor who fights for every point.”

When asked what makes him so good, Anderson is down-to-earth about his success, crediting his prowess to “working hard, being coachable, and maintaining a clear mindset.”

In fact, Anderson’s humility is one of the things that sets the Illinois native apart. “He doesn’t carry himself like a superstar or look for attention, and he’s become a leader on the team not just because of his talent, but because of his work ethic and character,” Coach Pihl notes.

Talk about work ethic: Anderson is double majoring in psychology and Spanish. As a semester in Spain has been a highlight of his Wheaton experience so far, he would love to work abroad upon graduation, and he is considering going into counseling.

Anderson admits that maintaining steady day-to-day routines while juggling tennis and two majors can be a challenge, but he’s realized that those routines are essential to his academic and athletic success. He’s also realized how essential community is, since, if he’s being honest, he’s wrestled with his faith while at college more than ever before.

“But that’s why I’m glad I’m at Wheaton,” says Anderson. “Both on and off the court, I’m surrounded by faithful friends, teammates, and professors who support me spiritually and help me grow.”

Photo by Josh and Alexa Adams

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