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Volume 21 // Issue 1
Wheaton magazine // Winter 2018
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Welcome New Faculty

ROW 1 (L TO R): Dr. Matthew Forsstrom, Business & Economics; Dr. Eric Brown, Psychology; Dr. David Capes, Biblical & Theological Studies; Mr. Christopher Lapeyre ’95, English; Dr. Kristin Garrett ’07, Politics & International Relations; Dr. Tao Liu, Psychology; Ms. Cathy Troupos, Library; Dr. Ronald Haydon M.A. ’07, Biblical & Theological Studies. 

ROW 2: Dr. Allison Dick ’02, Chemistry; CPT David Nigh, Military Science; Dr. Lisa Burden, Biology; Dr. Lori Lane, Chemistry; Dr. Philemon Bantimaroudis, Communication; Rhiannon Blaauw, Physics. 

ROW 3: Mr. Andrew Bratcher, English; Dr. Benjamin Weber, English; Dr. Scott Ickes, Applied Health Science; Dr. Matthew Bruce ’03, Biblical & Theological Studies; Joshua Avery, Library.